Who Are We?

Nobody special in particular. Just some residents of the small, unincorporated area of El Verano, located between the town of Sonoma and Boyes Hot Springs right across the Ig Vella bridge, that don't want the history and legacy of the area that we live in mixed in with other areas or lost all together.

We're not a fancy 501c3 and have no money or budget or board of directors, I donate all my time and built this site as a labor of love and have a couple local residents helping me with content. Hopefully more will contribute and we'll have an even better record of "The little town that almost was..."

If you have anything to contribute, and I don't mean money, but items, images, photographs of El Verano, and it doesn't have to be from the turn of the century, but the '30s, '60s, '70s, even the '90s. We want it all here.

We don't want to own or posses any of the images or info you have, and if you don't know how to scan or deliver it digitally so it can be on the website, I'll be happy to do that for you, treat it with the utmost of care and return it to you.

Have a particular great story about "that time old Uncle Jack fell off the roof at Juanitas" or whatever, maybe we can use that in the coming blog as a post. You can be a guest blogger!

I know many of you have old boxes of photos laying around, at grandmas, in the attic, or wherever. Dig 'em up and lets make the site all it can be!

Hit me up on the contact form.


James Marshall Berry